It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I've finally got a quiet day ahead of me today: I should be getting started on the last couple of Christmas presents that I plan to make (thank heavens that the shopping part is over).  Still, what's another 10 minutes of procrastination?
On one hand, I'm pretty prepared for the holidays: the decorations and tree are up; the Christmas cards are sent; even some of the gifts are wrapped.  On the other hand, the daughter's pig sty of a room is yet to be cleaned ready for visitors; a couple of gifts are still to be made; the Christmas cake awaits its icing; and I'm ill, which is most inconvenient.  My husband has made a smug comment about how I should have had a flu shot.  Is it wrong of me to kind of hope that he gets ill, too?  No, scrap that, he's awful to live with when he's feeling under the weather.

I don't have time for feeling ill.  Which is probably why yesterday I could still be found listlessly poking around the local park looking for pine cones for my wreath.  It's a bit sad looking, but it's only cost me $1.38 (cheap fake wreath for the wreath form, then covered with stray branches from the bottom of the tree, a clump of fake berries and the above-mentioned pine cones).  My husband (aka as Scrooge at this time of year) wouldn't let me ask them for the branches that they had trimmed off at the tree lot.  We keep having worryingly warm days, so it will probably just be a pile of needles on the doorstep come Christmas day...
Not all present-making was left to the last minute.  Things that could be made at soccer practices were even made back in November!  I think that I peaked too early.  My friends' kids (that live in a somewhat colder place) are getting these hats (made using my own tutorial). 
It took me a while to work out what the tutorial was saying - I'm not very good at crochet-speak, even when I'm the one that's written it, apparently - but once I worked it out, these hats don't half come together quickly.  

There's a little of the yarn left over, so I might make myself one.  Hmm, I really need to stop making myself hats and handwarmers and accept that, as long as I live in LA County, just a couple of warm things for trips will probably be sufficient...
Ok, I ought to get going.  Let's hope that the sewing angels are looking down upon me fondly, as I feel too weak to deal with the usual flying broken needles and knotted up threads today.

Translation of the Day:
UK English: Mince pie = a sweet pie served at Christmas that contains mincemeat. Way back when, it used to be a spiced meat pie, containing some fruit, hence the name. These days it's just dried fruit and suet. Not a ground meat pie, as I had to reassure an American the other day.  I'm even seeing them in some of the local supermarket these days AND crackers!  It's getting easier and easier to have a British-style Christmas over here.

Take care all,


  1. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling the best! But you certainly sound organised for Christmas! Love the hats that you made and that's a very clever wreath too! I'm an Aussie and when we visited the US in 2011 around Easter time, I went looking for Hot Cross Buns...very rare apparently but found some in a Whole Foods supermarket in southern CA and took them to DH 's cousin in Huntington Beach...the buns were completely alien to her and her partner! Lol

  2. Happy Holidays to you and yours!! I haven't been able to get my flu shot this year, and I'll be more than happy to lie around on the couch for a week with the flu - but only AFTER the holidays!!