A really ugly blanket

1st New Year's Resolution completed: finish the lap blanket made of leftover scraps of yarn.  It's not the prettiest of blankets, not least because the scraps come from about 8 different projects.  Still, it should do its job:
I know, I know, Catherine Wheel stitch.... again...  What can I say?  It's a quick stitch and an old favourite.
My daughter has also been busy, making a 2D (not to scale) model of the solar system - that spins.
and I've been trying to put off doing the taxes, but jewellery making clearly just isn't going to cut it.  This necklace only took 5 minutes to assemble.
Hmmm, so what else is new?  Well, it's a New Year and a new job for me.  So far so good.  I don't think I've mentioned the cause of our needing a new sofa blanket, either.  We got this little pup half a year ago or so.  He's sweet, but did eat the old blanket.  See, the blanket might not be very pretty, but I'm not buying new yarn until he can be trusted!
Don't be fooled by those innocent eyes